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Shardik by Autnott Shardik by Autnott
I'm just about finished with this book called Shardik by Richard Adams. Wow, is that guy crazy. I don't understand how someone could write a book about rabbits in search of a new home, then a book about dogs escaping a research facility, and then a book about people who worship a bear.

Well, anyways, this is not Shardik himself but most probably the Tuginda, High Priestess of Lord Shardik. The background was sort of supposed to represent the Streels of Urtah, but I don't think I captured them very well.

This was actually an assignment for my art class; we were supposed to draw a mask and fill it with line-design things. I thought my teacher might dock me points for not be as detailed as most people, but I felt like too much detail wouldn't have been right. Even so, there are still several parts I wish I had done differently.

Shardik (c) Richard Adams
Picture (c) me
Pens and Sharpies
GreeneMegan Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know it was an assignment.
Anyway, love it. I think I might try Shardik over Thanksgiving...or maybe wait until Christmas.
I especially like how good you are getting at criticizing your own work--it's a weird balance we have to strike between seeing and loving how good a thing is and seeing how much better it could be.
You have to be happy enough with what you create to make the whole effort worthwhile, but not so happy that you stop trying to be "fantastic!"
And all of that's really a tangent, 'cause I love this!
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